Dave Randall

Born in Juneau AK, Dave Randall grew up on an apple orchard in Wapato, WA. Dave attended Western Washington University for two years. Dave later graduated from the Divers Institute of Technology, top of his class. Dave worked in the Gulf of Mexico oil fields for two-years, then came home and worked for Ray Taylor Woodworks for another two-years. Dave says, “Ray truly taught me the construction essentials.”

Dave Randall went to work for Systems West in 1987 on a six-room CA complex for Matson Fruit. He says, “I soaked up everything I experienced and soon moved into management. I was allowed to run jobs my way so the transition to ownership was natural but not without challenges.”

Dave is involved with a large variety of projects; chemical plants, warehousing, schools, kilns & dryers, mini storage facilities, CA rooms, packing houses, dairies, custom design/build offices, as well as custom needs applications. A diverse list of construction types go into Dave’s résumé: Pre-engineered steel, tilt panel (both site and pre-cast), concrete and masonry, and stick frame with wood and metal applications. Dave also addresses special conditions; controlled climates, refrigeration, freezer (caustics/corrosives) handling support systems, airtight work, and design concepts and considerations.

Dave says, “Those who know me, know my unrelenting work ethic. I build every project from the buyers perspective with upfront honesty, to provide quality and price awareness that allows your facility room for growth and dynamic capability.”

When time permits, Dave finds that fishing offers the best return on investment: “I fish, therefore I am.”