Serving the Ag Industry in Central Washington since our founding, Systems West specializes in a wide diversity of Ag buildings. Whatever your building needs are, from pump house to warehouse, we’ve got a solution for you.

We have the ability to cater to a customer’s needs without interrupting business; accommodating your schedule with no shutdowns.  Ag has taught us to work in time constraints, restrictions, and food safe environments, meeting or exceeding your expectations.

We construct Ag buildings for;

Tree Fruit:

  • Cold Storage
  • Controlled Atmosphere Storage
  • Packing Facilities
  • Pre-size, Processing, and Commit-To-Pack
  • Shook Storage

Hop Industry Buildings:

  • Picking Machine Buildings
  • Hops Kiln, Bailing, Pelletizing, Extract
  • Packaging & Processing
  • Hop Storage

Onions & Potatoes:

  • Storage Facilities
  • Packing and Processing Facilities

Grain & Hay:

  • Grain Silos and Handling Systems
  • Hay Storage Facilities

Mint & Nutraceuticals:

  • Mint Processing, Stills
    Herb Drying Facilities

Other Ag Industries we’ve served:

  • Wineries
  • Berries
  • Dairy
  • Equine

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Quincy Fresh Fruit - New office
Nutrilite - Box dryer building - Trout Lake, WA
Target Ag Production - Straight wall onion storage
Monson Fruit - CA